Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels

Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels are ideal for all kinds of events, personal like betrothal or engagements, weddings, wedding reception, official meetings, seminars and social get togethers and parties. Depending on the budget and the number of guests, you can choose one of the many good Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels, which is suited for you. Some are a little worried when they are about to choose one of the Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels for their events. Some may think that cleanliness may be an issue when choosing Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels over the classic choice of mandapams or mini halls. Practically, an event conducted in the Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels are better in more than one ways. One big advantage when you book a banquet hall is that the charges are much lesser as compared to a mantapa or marriage hall. The estimate of a marriage hall is always lesser than the final bill, received after the end of the event. Take for example the maintenance charges, the cleaning charges, the generator charges, the valet charges and what not. It can be argued by some that the host has to be very careful and go through the estimate, reading the fine print and clarifying with the hall manager and try and evaluate the not so transparent charges to avoid a shock at the end of the function.

These kinds of things occurring in your event can be prevented when you choose one of the Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels for your engagement, wedding, reception, social events or parties, because hotels generally only charge for the food, be it lunch, dinner or whatever. On top of that you can also bargain for discounts on the rack rates, which are impossible with marriage halls or mandapams. Further, there is the flexibility of choosing the decorator of your choice for your event. Make the design as you envisaged in your mind become the reality. Because, most of the wedding halls do not have the provision for the host to use decorators other than those approved by the management. That is not the case with banquet halls because almost all Chennai hotels allow an external decorator.

So, with all those Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels, as a host, you may bring your own decorator and get the decoration completed according to your design. A grand decor winding along from the entrance arch till the hall designated for the event is very much possible according to your visualization. Again, with a decorator that fully understands your needs, you do not have to worry. She can get you the best decor when the imagination takes wings. When exotic flowers from all over the world like Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia and South Africa come in to your venue, your event becomes one in a thousand inviting appreciative looks from all and sundry. Banquet Halls in Chennai Hotels offer you these kinds of advantages to take your wedding to the next level.

Will the homam be allowed to be lit, is one of the most common questions that arise in the minds of the people, especially the orthodox hindu types. Nowadays, almost all the hotels allow a small homam fire to be lit for the traditional services because, they too realize that traditions have to be followed and further, they do not want to lose out on business just because of this reason. And in any case, the fire is a small one and will not affect the hall in any manner. So, choosing one of the banquet halls in Chennai hotels for your wedding should be considered, because the sacred fire issue is not an issue anymore. At one time, weddings were always done in marriage halls. The trend has changed now.

When you conduct your wedding or other event in one of the banquet halls in Chennai hotels, you are also worried about the budget. There is a general belief that events at hotels tend to cost more. In fact, the truth is that when you conduct an event in a hotel, the costs are very clear. There are nil hidden costs. What you eat is what you pay for. Hotels also offer discounts on the food price, which what you pay for. There are no maintenance charges, electricity charges and other charges to frighten the host at the time of checking out. The cost of a marriage in one of the banquet halls in Chennai hotels is not costly, as against a kalyana mandapam wedding. People also used to have a negative feeling about hosting weddings in marriage halls, which is not so now with people okay with banquet halls for wedding, reception, engagement and other events.

Did you know that hotels also allow you to taste their food before you book an event? Yes, you can visit the place to know for first hand, how the food will taste at your event. And also, when you visit your favourite banquet halls in Chennai hotels, you also get to feel the environment, and will know if you are getting the right feedback in your heart and mind, which will help you make your decision about the venue.

All the marriage halls have only a small number of rooms for the stay of the guests who will be staying. There are exceptions of hotels with resorts attached, in which case, they will have many rooms. But, generally, all banquet halls in Chennai hotels, will have many rooms, because of the attached hotel, and you may book as many rooms as you want. If you so require, even the whole hotel may be booked for your team. That kind of flexibility is a good alternative.

One thing to know, especially in weddings is that marriage halls cannot be booked at short notice, especially for muhurtham days. This is because the muhurtham dates are booked months and sometimes years before the wedding date. So, in almost all the cases when the wedding is in the next one, two or three months, it has to be one of those banquet halls in Chennai hotels for the wedding. On top of being available for use, these banquet halls in Chennai hotels are also flexible in the pricing, though there may be a mandatry minimum guarantee, which is the number of pax which will be billed for, irrespective of the number of guests turning in, which is something that cannot be said of marriage halls.

Finally, when you book in one of the banquet halls in Chennai hotels for your events, there are no parking worries. All your guests do not have to worry about their vehicle parking since valet parking will be available for all those who visit the hotel.

To end, banquet halls in Chennai hotels are nowadays increasingly patronized by the public, as they are not more than convinced about conducting events like betrothal, reception and even weddings in the banquet halls in Chennai hotels.

Here are a list of some of the banquet halls in Chennai hotels, not an all inclusive list though. Savera at Radhakrishnan Salai, Harissons at Sterling Road, League Atchaya at Arumbakkam, Pratap Plaza at Kodambakkam are a few good banquet halls.

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