The best dates to get married

Best dates to get married Astrology

Before we begin, if you are here just to find out the best dates to get married, click here to find out in an instant. If you want know about it, continue reading.

Well, that looks like a difficult one. How do I get to know the best dates to get married? What are the variables that actually decide the best? There are rules in astrology, which tell you in detail, dates and times to avoid. It also tells you dates and times that are good. When deciding on the dates, one has to cross out those dates which are not favourable astrologically, because it has the precedence. Of course, there are some exceptions, read on.

What do the planets say

Whether we like it or not, we know that some people are better in one or more ways than the others. Some are better of in terms of money, wealth, education and in other parameters. While we are not here to what the reason for their present status is, we all know that each one was born in a different date and time. Astrology says that the date, time and place of birth decides on the fate of an individual, among other factors.

astrologicall best dates to get married
Best dates to get married

The dates to avoid getting married

Before we decide on the best dates to get married, the easier approach is to cross out dates that we need to avoid. By default, there are certain dates that need to be avoided under all circumstances.

The dates to avoid for a wedding reception or a marriage ceremony are Amavasya [new moon], Prathamai, Pournami [full moon], Ashtami, Navami, Chandrashtama for the bride or groom

Best dates to get married in 2015

What else decides on the best dates to get married in 2015 or 2016? Once the avoidable dates are identified and removed from contention, what remains are the dates that may be considered. Of these, we need to identify the best, based on the horoscopes of the bride and the groom.

Why consider the horoscopes of both boy and girl?

Simple. The horoscopes [jathakam] of both the boy and girl are to be considered together, to identify common favourable dates for both of them. The marriage cannot be just conducted on a date that is considered good only for the boy or the girl. The good dates for both the boy and the girl are identified after positively matching their horoscopes. For more accurate information and to identify the best dates to get married, there are sites like which can identify the best dates for marriage.

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