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Traditional bridal wear for the modern times

Traditional bridal wear for the modern times

Indian traditional wear is of several kinds. We have sarees, salwar kameez and the all time favourite,  lehenga.

In a traditional Indian wedding, the women of the family can spend months on end deciding what to wear. However, the most time consuming and difficult decision to make is the bride’s wedding dress. She is bound to be the centre of attention and her outfit is what matters most.

For an Indian bride, especially the north Indian bride, the most favoured bridal outfit is the lehenga – a combination of long skirt (lehenga), blouse (choli) and stole (dupatta). So what are these latest trends in lehengas?

Lehenga designs

Lehenga with Gota embroideryWell, until a few years ago contemporary was in, but now, traditional lehengas suddenly seem to be in demand. Thanks to the latest movies and television shows, Indian brides are choosing to go all out the traditional way when it comes to choosing their bridal lehengas. For the uninitiated, a lehenga usually is a full pleated skirt in colours like orange, pink, red, maroon, green and yellow. The cut of the blouse (choli) has been modernised and you have everything from tight fighting corsets to bikini patterned tops. The blouse can also be backless or with strings, adding glamour to an otherwise traditional outfit. Halter necklines and strapless blouses are also in trend.

Lehenga Colour Combinations

Lehenga CholiThe entire lehenga outfit as a whole can be of matching colour combinations or contrasting colour combinations. For example, we can have an orange skirt with a red blouse and a red and orange stole, or you can have a pink skirt, with a red blouse and an orange stole. The latest trends in bridal lehengas also have the skirt being made up of multicoloured panels, so that there are several colours together.

Thus, the traditional look maintains its status quo albeit with a modern twist.

- Cirimaya V

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Low budget weddings in Chennai

Low budget weddings in Chennai

Part 1 of the series

With rising costs of living in the metropolis, no wonder this is one of the most low budget weddings in Chennaisearched term in the search engines. But, instead of being called low budget weddings in Chennai, it would be ideal if the search had been marriage budget in Chennai. Because, even though people would not want to spend too less on a once in a lifetime event, they also do not want to spend more than what is necessary, keeping the rest as savings for other events that may be coming up in the near future such as baby shower, naming ceremony and so on.

What is the minimum wedding budget?

So, what is the minimum budget on which a marriage can be conducted decently in Chennai? Everyone wants to know the minimum cost that one needs to spend on a wedding. What exactly is the minimum price of a wedding? Let’s find that out.

Most of us are uninitiated in this field. Let’s break things down.

Some of the important activities are (not necessarily in order) matching of horoscopes, deciding the subha muhurtham, fixing the marriage hall, decoration, catering (before the event, during the event and after the event), number of guests, printing invitation cards, the music, the dresses for wedding and reception (sarees, suits etc for the bride, groom and the relatives), jewellery, accommodation for guests, vehicles for travel etc.,

Each of these activities may still be broken down into additional separate activities.

Of all the jobs listed above, getting the right marriage hall is the toughest of them all. If you have any experience in conducting marriages, you would agree with my statement. The search for the right marriage hall or the budget marriage halls should probably start one year or more before the marriage; the earlier you book, the chance of getting the best marriage hall for your low budget weddings in Chennai is bright. The cost of marriage halls in Chennai per day start with Rs.10,000/- (these are mini halls, with a capacity of 100-150 people) upwards of Rs.10,00,000/- [10 lakhs per day]. Some marriage halls have a capacity of more than 1000 guests; some even have sizable amount of parking space for the vehicles of guests. Low budget weddings in Chennai could also be titled minimum budget for a wedding in Chennai.

Matching of horoscopes can be done through online portals like ePanchang, which provide this service free of cost.

Finalizing on the muhurtham date is the one important task just before the booking of the mandapam. Many believe that the right date and time of marriage, on which the holy knot is tied, plays a major part in any successful marriage. So, getting the most auspicious date for both the bride and the groom becomes very important.

What is the minimum required for a wedding in Chennai?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the individual. To give you an idea, there are mini halls in Chennai, which cost you 10,000 rupees, with a capacity of just about 100 people.

Here, getting the marriage hall is the toughest job of them all. What information do you need, to home in on the hall of your choice? First of all, your budget, then your area of preference. Have at least three areas shortlisted. This is especially important, if the lead time to the event is shorter. The successful conduct of your low budget weddings in Chennai is also majorly influenced by the cost of the marriage hall. The more expensive the wedding hall, the more the cost of the other variables.

On the flip side, you may not have any choice at all, if you delay too much, because all the good halls may have been booked already. So, the idea is not to delay the booking. Before you book, you need to finalize on the date.

Find your auspicious date NOW, for free

 Next, you need to note down the number of guests for your event. Then, decide on whether the food served will be vegetarian or non-vegetarian fare. This becomes important, because not all halls allow non-vegetarian food to be served in their premises. This is more so especially if you want to cook your own food. Some halls allow non-veg food to be served, but not cooked. Some halls do not have kitchen at premises. So, veg or non-veg option will depend on whether you get the hall of your choice or not.

…to be continued

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The best dates to get married

Best dates to get married Astrology

Before we begin, if you are here just to find out the best dates to get married, click here to find out in an instant. If you want know about it, continue reading.

Well, that looks like a difficult one. How do I get to know the best dates to get married? What are the variables that actually decide the best? There are rules in astrology, which tell you in detail, dates and times to avoid. It also tells you dates and times that are good. When deciding on the dates, one has to cross out those dates which are not favourable astrologically, because it has the precedence. Of course, there are some exceptions, read on.

What do the planets say

Whether we like it or not, we know that some people are better in one or more ways than the others. Some are better of in terms of money, wealth, education and in other parameters. While we are not here to what the reason for their present status is, we all know that each one was born in a different date and time. Astrology says that the date, time and place of birth decides on the fate of an individual, among other factors.

astrologicall best dates to get married
Best dates to get married

The dates to avoid getting married

Before we decide on the best dates to get married, the easier approach is to cross out dates that we need to avoid. By default, there are certain dates that need to be avoided under all circumstances.

The dates to avoid for a wedding reception or a marriage ceremony are Amavasya [new moon], Prathamai, Pournami [full moon], Ashtami, Navami, Chandrashtama for the bride or groom

Best dates to get married in 2015

What else decides on the best dates to get married in 2015 or 2016? Once the avoidable dates are identified and removed from contention, what remains are the dates that may be considered. Of these, we need to identify the best, based on the horoscopes of the bride and the groom.

Why consider the horoscopes of both boy and girl?

Simple. The horoscopes [jathakam] of both the boy and girl are to be considered together, to identify common favourable dates for both of them. The marriage cannot be just conducted on a date that is considered good only for the boy or the girl. The good dates for both the boy and the girl are identified after positively matching their horoscopes. For more accurate information and to identify the best dates to get married, there are sites like which can identify the best dates for marriage.

Kalyana Mandapams in Chennai – Booking tips

Tips to Book your Kalyana Mandapam in Chennai

One a wedding is fixed, it will seem like the time is flying and no work is being done! Here is some advice on how to book a kalyana mandapam in Chennai for you.

Searching for the right Kalyana Mandapam in Chennai

The first and foremost task on your list must be the marriage hall hunt. You would probably want to go for an air conditioned Kalyana Mandapam in Chennai, if your wedding is during peak summer. However, even non A/C kalyana Mandapams may be a compromise, if you just added some coolers and dehumidifiers. That coolers are not so effective in Chennai is a dampener, though.

Kalyana Mandapam rates in Chennai

You then need to decide on your budget and compare Kalyana mandapam rates in Chennai. Next, you need to find out the availability of your preferred kalyana mandapam and again, some may want a kalyana mandapam with +1000 capacity, based on the number of guests.

kalyana mandapam in Chennai

So, hunting for Kalyana Mandapams in Chennai might seem easy breezy, but once you get into the actual details, you head might be taken for a spin. Here are some more pointers on what to look for before booking the mandapam.

Make a list of Kalyana mandapams that you know of, for example, those that you’ve visited or those marriage halls that were booked by your friends for which they gave positive feedback.

Once the list is done, do a quick internet search on the preferred kalyana mandapams and find out the facilities and amenities available at the mandapams.

After the internet search, shortlist the kalyana mandapams again according to your needs.

Rent of the Kalyana Mandapam

Check for electricity costs and how much they charge per unit. Find out if the air conditioning cost is separate and also check how much will be the cost for generators, during power outage. Also remember to check the number of units before. You don’t want to pay them extra now, do you?

Choosing the right Catering Service

Caterers play an important role in all marriages. Tell your caterer about your kalyana mandapam choices in Chennai and find out if they have any issues with it or find out if they have already worked in those kalyana mandapams. If the hall has a small kitchen, the caterer might have some difficulties in cooking. So make sure the caterer knows about the marriage hall before you book.

If the kalyana mandapam is providing you vessels and other basic amenities for cooking, ask them if they charge extra for it. Remember to count all the utensils before you get it from them. This will cause you no confusion. Keep your caterer in loop so that they know what is missing and what is needed.

The LPG cost used for cooking is usually borne by the caterer. However, many kalyana mandapams in Chennai charge them separately as the LPG for weddings become commercial usage. So remember to constantly check how many gas cylinders are being used and pay accordingly.

Water supply for the marriage and costs

Water supply in Chennai is scarce. So book a hall which has ample water supply, especially if yours is a Brahmin wedding, you really need a lot of water! Find out how much they charge per litre or per tank.

Kalyana Mandapams in Chennai, Chennai Kalyana Mandapam

Are enough rooms available at the Mandapam

Find out how many rooms are available in the mandapam. Accordingly, you can arrange for extra accommodation for your guests. Also, the housekeeping in kalyana mandapams are always on their feet. Remember to ask the manager how many housekeeping staff with be on duty during the marriage. This way you will know who the staff are and identify strangers at your wedding.

If you really like a hall and want to book it, find out about stage decorations and flower arrangements. If this kalyana mandapam in Chennai does not allow third party decorators, which usually happens, make sure the hall decorator is good enough and provides you with what you want. Take  pictures and designs off the internet to show your decorator and negotiate the prices with them. they usually charge way more than what it really costs.

Remember to check the bride and the groom’s rooms before booking the kalyana mandapam. If its too small, you might face a lot of commotion during the wedding. If the rooms are dirty, ask the manager to tidy it before you arrive.

Make sure you allocate one room or one person to take care of valuables. Gold and silver always finds a way to get stolen. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them in a locker in the mandapam.

Is there adequate parking for your guests?

Parking always becomes an issue during marriages, especially when the kalyana mandapam is on the main road. Arrange valet parking services beforehand to avoid traffic jam!

In the end, remember it is your family kalyanam. Have fun during every step of the way!

Check out our hall database and choose the one that suits you best.

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